About us

We have always loved independence, therefore in 2017 we decided to realize our dreams and open a restaurant brewery in our home town. Due to this we open a new card of brewery history in Grudziądz. We brew our beers on the Austrian equipment SALM exclusively from natural components from the best Polish and foreign manufacturers. We never hurry with production, we count every detail, therefore we always offer the products of top quality. The Grudziądz Brewery is the place to which we want to come back!

The main brewery specialist of our Brewery is Szymon Kamiński. A graduate from the faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk – ……a brewery specialist in passion. You can taste the effects of his passion in our Brewery.

His fascination was born in 2010. He started his “brewery travelling” in 2012. The knowledge gained allowed to him in 2013 to brew his first home-made beer. He passed numerous trainings under the supervision of Czech brewery specialist in Vienna. In November 2017 he started the cooperation with Grudziądz Brewery. Despite his young age he perfectly commanded the art of brewery. With huge passion and involvement he brews beer with traditional method. His passion leads to newer and newer recipes ….

We invite for tasting!!!